What is so terrific about Begabungo high-contrast clothes?

Dr. Rajovic, the founder of the NTC program and prominent pioneer in the Early Childhood development research area, points out the importance of contrast in the early development of children and how important these first movements are in order not to develop concentration disorders and many others.

"The first mistake that most of the parents make is to paint a child's room blue or pink. Contrast is important for brain development driver, and a baby who sees nothing but contrast has a pastel uniform colour around it. That's where we lacked them for the first important movement - the movement of the eyes."

DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR BABY'S EYES continues after birth

The structures of retina (rods and cones) are not fully matured with birth and are further developed until 6th to 9th month of age - the black and white contrasts are the easiest for babies to perceive.

POST BIRTH BRAIN DEVELOPMENT is driven by sensory and motor area

Main substance that enables transmission of information between neurons is myelin. Crucial part of myelination of baby’s brain takes place in the first 2 years of life and is dependent on the feedbacks from your baby’s eyes, nose, ears and mouth. 

FIXATION and TRACKING represent the foundation of LEARNING process

The repeated sight of high contrasting patterns help your baby to increase attention span. Interest in high contrasts supports better positioning the objects in space and understanding how to distinguish objects from the background.

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