Our story

A mathematician, an architect and a pedagogue gathered around an enormous love towards the first successor in the family and an idea that will change the mankind.

We proudly present you Begabungo - Smart and Interactive Clothing Concept, based in Vienna, AT aimed at strengthening both emotional and cognitive potential of the little ones starting from the earliest age. Our products are carefully developed and assembled with a huge support of our textile designer, for age groups between 9m until 4y in order to support sensory development, learning and concentration, imagination, creativity and gross motor skills.

We are fully committed to bring you certified materials produced in Europe, with a globally sustainable awareness of the responsible use of chemicals in the whole manufacturing chain that are durable, breathable, and highly versatile. Manufactured with 100% Merino wool and then fast dyed to an array of vibrant colors, our felt appliques fully meet the European Safety Standard EN71.