Begabungo's sustainable carnival costume challenge

How about a CARNIVAL COSTUME from sustainable materials for this February?  We found our inspiration in our Begabungo's products and decided to come closer as possible to the nature - by giving clothes a wider purpose, we take a step forward in a direction to use the resources that we have in an optimal way.

One-off costumes in actual plastic era are just not an option for us - on a daily basis we witness how much we hurt our planet and the least that we can do is to restrain ourselves from not making additional waste! Moreover, by direct involvement on the waste and recycling topic with our kids, we deeply embed in them to take responsibility for their later actions and that big changes are consisted of million small steps.

I just love DIY crafts, especially with kids. I've learned that the most important thing is to set up one and only reasonable goal - your are doing this for you and your kid(s) and this is YOUR quality time together! The least that matters is how does the project output looks like at the end. 

And one more excuse to cut at the very beginning - there are no uncreative people - start from the photo / article / story, sparkle your imagination world and prepare to have fun! 

They say that the crucial step in DIY craft is in proper preparation. I think that every person has its own style and I like do our crafts in a spontaneous way without high expectations - if it is not a day for certain activity it is also ok. I leverage here more on have an educational moment in each of our sessions, because I am aware of the significance of early childhood education. In addition, it is the little one(s) possibility to choose and independently perform a certain part of the project important.

Collect all the paper, cork, bamboo, carton, paint, clay from the drawers, choose your hero, role, natural phenomena, favorite fruit, animal together and be role model! Don't be lazy! Let's make a change!

Take part in Begabungo's sustainable carnival costume challenge!

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