Sensory PLAY and LEARN with Begabungo Monster knee pads


We have committed not to lose a single opportunity to learn something new with Begabungo smart and interactive clothing concept . We are not having an easy task at all as we need to involve baby's senses, spark her/his imagination and encourage them to interact with us. Knowing that for our little ones every new shape, color, texture, taste and sound is a learning experience, we have engaged Begabungo Monster knee pads in SENSORY STIMULATION experience. Combination of faux fur and 100% wool felt in vivid colors, accompanied with VISUAL SIMULATION trousers, babies find fascinating and crucial for PERCEPTIVENESS and VISION DEVELOPMENT. We also used them for learning colors, strongly supporting HAND-EYE COORDINATION.


Tell us now, have we missed anything here? :) How do you use Begabungo Monster knee pads to learn something new?

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