Interact with me, my little Begabungo, when you want!

Play is a crucial for developing children’s communication skills. It encourages children’s imagination to blossom, inspire learning, movement and foster creativity and natural curiosity.

Many empirical studies suggest that the fastest way of learning is through play – the synapses in the brain are formed 20 times faster when playing than through simple repetition.  

But not any play – it is the UNSTRUCTURED, SPONTANEOUS play that has the immense value on the learning process! Sounds crazy, right?

Joseph Chilton Pearce, scholar and author, was the first person that said that unstructured play is the only way the highest intelligence of human kind can unfold.

In the modern world, spontaneous play is becoming completely misplaced and despite the efforts and great deal of research and pleas from groups to the contrary, many parents are still pressuring children to learn earlier, by even placing them in structured teaching environment. Another potential show-stopper to the unstructured play is the parents’ fear about the children safety and the feeling of guilt if the kid is playing without a straight educational benefit. 

This is exactly where Begabungo steps in: when having the favorite toy always close, it is the kid that decide and spontaneously engage in the play. It is the free, voluntarily activity that boost the child’s imagination while exploring and experiencing the world around it.

Self-explanatory ornaments are designed by the teams of experts and assembled in the form of layers in order to be just too inviting for the little fingers! So let them be bored, because boredom is the mother of creativity! Let them make a move and engage both of their hands when they want, because in this way they stimulate both brain hemispheres. Let them talk about it because in this way they boost their language skills!

It is exactly creativity, innovation and productivity that are the driving fuel and most admirable in the business world of adults. It is no secret that many corporate leaders cherish the risky, experimental, adventurous and opened-end game as the condition to open-up the mind without fear of restrictions and rejections.

Let them be little independent self-assured individuals that will shape the world with their minds! Let them develop freely with Begabungo!  


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